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Acquire customers

Growth marketing is the biggest cost for businesses. We are here to help you reduce it. In some cases for free.

Give wings to your loyalty

Most loyalty programs fail. We are here to help you succeed with power of AI and collboration.

Increase organic traffic

Every partner gets hight DA links leading to better search presence.

Solving CAC For You

Most of the companies in India end up spending a lot of money on Google, Facebook, & instagram ads. Though this works, CAC is rapidly increasing and becoming unaffordable, especially during festival times. This is why we are building Wyse (derived from 'Wisdom').

Wisdom is to pay for results. Wisdom is to keep CAC affordable. wisdom is to acquire loyal customers. Wisdom is to work with other brands too and not just Google and Facebook.

Engage With Most Loyal Customers

In most innovative ways

Offer Wyse coins

A little extra can go long way in acquiring customers. Offer Wyse coins to customers with every purchase and improve your conversion rate.

Offer Exciting rewards

No need to spend time in building partnerships to offer rewards. All brands on Wyse become partner to each other.

Promote loyalty

Connect your loyalty program and see your redemptions going up dramatically.

Receive orders

Don't just promote offers and rewards, get orders directly from Wyse platform.

Improve search ranking

Every partner gets hight DA links leading to better search presence.

Offer redemptions with Wyse pay

Multiply redemptions by allowing customers to redeem points while paying.

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Unused points

25 M+

Loyal customers

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